Afi Apaloo-Safi is Founder and President of Read2ReachAfrica, a non-profit organization incorporated in 2022.


As a child growing up in Accra Ghana, Afi spent many hours each day after school in her community children’s library where she avidly read through almost all the books in that one room library. To her, that little one room library was a magical place and offered her opportunities to travel all around the world through the pages of the books she read.


She was mesmerized by children’s bedtime stories, Disney princesses, mystery stories, science fiction, historical fiction, romance stories and adventure novels from all over the world. She has noticed with sadness that community libraries no longer exist and that many private schools lack adequate funds to construct libraries, so she came up with the idea of partnering with these institutions to create small classroom libraries and to develop reading programs to help children improve literacy skills. Read2ReachAfrica is this vehicle she is hoping will help to make this dream come true. Afi is a retired Human Resource Officer.


Semer Safi

Vice President

CEO of SMG Designs, LLC

Brenda V. Ward



Nadou Lawson



Edward K. Apaloo

Country Team Member

CEO of Khoshi Realty Consult


Esenam K. Nuworkpor

Country Team Member

CEO at NEK Concepts

Vision & Mission

Read2ReachAfrica is a registered charity and non-governmental organization established in 2022 in Virginia, USA to help transform lives of underprivileged children in Ghana.


R2RA  is changing lives ....

Providing reading books to schools who apply through our website.  Bringing focus on improving literacy through establishment of classroom library projects in under-privileged private schools in Africa.  Reading fiction or non-fiction books from other countries will help empower disadvantaged children to build aspirations, develop, innovate and enhance creativity to transform lives and build ethical and effective leaders of the next generation.


Empowering the lives of children ....

through education for better economic opportunities. Equipping children with the necessary tools to achieve this through reading skills.


We note that in Ghana, underfunded private schools (mostly community schools run by families) struggle to provide basic education. These schools lack adequate resources to compete with well-funded private and government established schools to the detriment of the children.  


Creating classroom libraries ..... 

providing fiction and non-fiction books to schools with no libraries with the aim of creating classroom libraries and or mobile storage units for use whichever mode best meets the needs of the school. The schools will receive reading books covering ages 5 through 14.